Haunting songwriting with a real directness...
Delhia de France (Credit: Julia Mayorova)

Delhia de France initially wanted to explore classical music.

Dedicating herself to years of training as a vocalist, a mysterious trauma-induced condition robbed her of the ability to sing during her teenage years.

Not able to perform, the German born artist searched through dance culture as a means of self-expression.

Melding the two together, the now LA-based songwriter developed her own style, working out some deepset issues through music.

New song 'Waterfalls' is a tumbling torrent of ideas, continually evolving into something fresh, something different. She explains:

“I like painting pictures when writing songs, as music is something very visual for me. I just had visited a fossil waterfall in California and the pure force shaping the stone somehow felt very visceral. Like emotions laying bare layers of memory, something that can feel very physical."

"'Waterfalls' is dedicated to Lachesis, one of the three Goddess sisters of fate weaving mankind’s destiny - the visual story revolves around the full EP. Lachesis is measuring the thread of life and singing about the things that once were.”

Tune in now.

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