San Fransico producer charts his return...

There's a tendency within European critical circles to largely catch North American electronic music in a pale light.

However dance culture's roots run deep, with figures such as Deceptikon helping to keep the flame burning during those long nights.

A West Coast native, the San Francisco producer initially caught attention following a flurry of releases on the always-vital Merck Records imprint.

Since then, Deceptikon has secluded himself away to focus on something quite different. Three years in the making, new album 'Presido' - a double LP, no less - is an imposing return, one that occupies new space and fresh ideas.

Deceptikon explains: "This record took me about three years to complete, and I feel like in many ways it’s a return to my roots of introspective, mellow, instrumental electronic music, a “home listening” record instead of a club or dance record. I’ve always tried to not pay attention to trends in electronic music and just make what I like, and this record is the result of going strongly in that direction – I’m making music for myself, and am inspired way more by older music than current trends in electronic music or the latest production techniques. My aim is to make music that stands the test of time."

Clash is able to premiere the spiralling, wistful 'Lonely Winter'. Check it out now.

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