Softly synthetic prog-pop with a drifting, dream-like feel...
David Harks

David Harks has slowly, steadily carved out his own lane.

A composer with a drifting, dream-like sensibility, his music has seen him work with labels such as Sunday Best, Kitsune and Eskimo Recordings.

New single 'Avalon', released on new label Splinter, could well be the best thing he has yet placed him name against.

Recorded with Pete Cattermoul, bass player with indie-pop band Teleman, it's a warm, softly synthetic slice of prog-pop with an infectious, melodic feel.

David explains: "'Avalon' came to me in a dream - one minute I felt like a sponge in space bundled in warmth, the next I leaned out of the space ship and saw it all hurtling toward me on earth… Materialism, possession, an unstoppable wheel both ridged and exhausting… I wanted to counter this dream and turn back, head up out again and leave it all behind… And return to my spiritual home."

Tune in now.

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