Cult Party
Introspective songwriting from the Manchester group...

Manchester's Cult Party make the sort of beguiling, introspective songwriting you've previously only heard in your dreams.

Seeming to drift out of the ether, the band's work - pastoral yet experimental, risk-taking yet effortlessly emotive - truly occupies its own realm.

New album 'And Then There Was This Sound' is out now, all folk hues, expressive lyricism, and that endlessly open attitude.

'Pastures Of Plenty' is an LP highlight, a truly beautiful piece of music matching gently strummed guitar chords to that languid string arrangement.

Cult Party's Leo takes charge of the visuals, adding another dimension to their creativity. He comments:

"I wanted to make a video that was celebratory, of what is more difficult to say. I guess it's that pure and fleeting thing we can't really describe... to represent that through something ordinary, a basic thing of life - a sacred vegetable - rather than something abstract or platonic. The lyrics are from an old folk song written about work on and moving over land, that's the stuff that we need to acknowledge before we get into philosophy and lofty religious or political ideas. Not to disregard any of those, but it all starts from picking fruit or cooking potatoes."

Tune in now.

Catch Cult Party at the following shows:

8 Manchester Partisan w/Kiran Leonard

21 London St Pancras Old Church w/ The Saxophones

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