Brooklyn based producer strikes back...
Conrad Clifton

Conrad Clifton has worked with Grammy award-winning artists and complete unknowns.

Going where the vibe is right, the eclectic producer flits between hip-hop and down tempo electronics, club-ready tracks and cinematic sounds.

Asked to describe his approach, Conrad Clifton said: "My sound is a crazy mixture of all of my influences, from hip-hop, electronic, alt rock, house, bass, and all types of dance music. But also, film scores. I love to convey different emotions through my music. I want my music to be able to go with you anywhere and with any situation (the club, the car ride, train ride, house party, a date, a lonely night, or even while you sleep). No matter what, it will be personal to you."

New cut 'If U Were Here, I'd Be Home Now' features Russ Flynn, and it's out now via The Playground. Fusing each of those influences, the squealing synths are matched to a percussive tick that floats between hip-hop's boom bap and footwork's aggressive futurism.

Oddly moving, you can tune in below.

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