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Charlotte OC

Listen to Charlotte OC's new EP 'Colour My Heart' on Clash.

Different experiences effect people in different ways. Travelling to Berlin hotspot Berghain, Charlotte OC was confronted with electronic decadence, with a club whose atmosphere and mindset is almost unrivalled.

Staying for a few hours, the sheer unrelenting euphoria left a dramatic impact on the Blackburn born songwriter. Looking back on that event recently, Charlotte OC commented: "I felt like somebody had just let me in on the biggest secret in the world. Certain things that I saw I could not believe..."

Fusing these feelings, emotions with her own songwriting, Charlotte OC was able to take a huge aesthetic leap forward. In her work you can find the drama of Kate Bush with the personal touch of Bat For Lashes - alongside with a sense of the epic to rival Florence & The Machine.

New EP 'Colour My Heart' was produced by Tim Anderson, whose previous credits include a stint with Solange Knowles. Out on November 25th, it's a four track work of gothic soul with Charlotte OC rapidly blossoming into a quite special artist.

Listen to it below.

'Colour My Heart' is set to be released on November 25th.

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