Powerfully crafted, highly intelligent indie rock...
Canshaker Pi

Canshaker Pi are four musicians from the Netherlands, who met at a school overlooking Amsterdam's famed Paradiso venue.

Intelligently crafted indie rock, each track feels carefully thought through, often veering off in several different directions before effortlessly coalescing.

Pavement’s Stephen Malkmus soon fell under their spell, and travelled to the Netherlands to produce an album with the band.

Still in their teens, the experience of working with one of their heroes seems to have propelled Canshaker Pi to fresh heights.

New single 'What You're Trying To Say' arrives on February 3rd, and it's a curiously emphatic rampage through indie rock's fuzzier realms.

Reference points could include Sebadoh, Guided By Voices or Pavement themselves, but what's most impressive is the sound of a young voice gathering confidence.

Clash is able to showcase the video before anyone else - tune in now.

Photo Credit: Nick Helderman

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