Tel Aviv based group with jazz sensibilities...
Buttering Trio

Jazz is an open-ended philosophy.

The movement has always expanded to absorb new sounds, ideas and is continuing to break boundaries today.

Buttering Trio aren't jazz, per se, but they do adopt that forward-thinking flexibility. Coming together in Berlin, their all night jam sessions would veer from hip hop to reggae to electronics within the space of a few seconds.

New album 'Toast' is out now, and it's a bewildering but always inspiring document. Those slumped rhythms recall J Dilla, but in a very European context with the melodic flavours conjuring visions of the Mediterranean.

Confirming plans for a London show, Buttering Trio are ready to unveil a new remix. Shafiq Husayn has stepped in to re-work 'Ganja Man' and it's a salute both to Jamaican culture and the electronics of the Tel Aviv scene which currently nurtures them.

Check it out now.

Buttering Trio are set to play Brixton Jamm on May 24th.


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