Vast, post-rock soundscape...

Breton aren't so much a 'band' in the traditional sense as a creative community.

Alternating between music and visuals, Breton recently re-located to Berlin in order to focus on their new album. Clash caught up with them recently, and uncovered a group who were rejoicing in creative freedom.

As Roman Rappack explains: "what we’re trying to express is the furthest point of all the music that we like, of the ideas that we have, all the arguments we had, the things we’ve fell in love with, the shit things and the good... it sounds like such an obvious thing, but it was such a revelation to us."

The results are gathered on new album 'War Stories'. An adventurous leap forwards from their debut album, it finds Breton taking new chances, posing new questions.

Out on February 3rd, Clash has been granted a fresh preview of the new album. 'Envy' takes pride of place on the full length, but we've managed to get our hands on the Orchestral Remix.

A slow burning, languid affair with a real meditative streak, the piece matches indie songcraft, electronics and a widescreen, neo-classical framework. Reminiscent of the work put out by Erased Tapes, it's an enthralling piece by a group who should never be second guessed.

Listen to it below.

Check out a recent interview with Breton HERE.

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