'Hurricane' gets re-worked...
'Hurricane' artwork

Forever willing to experiment, Karin Park's search for the perfect beat has taken her across the globe.

Recently introduced to Pandora Drive - Thomas Knights and Nick Sheldon – a creative relationship was quick to blossom.

Swapping ideas, the partnership resulted in a flurry of enticing new material. Upcoming single 'Hurricane' is a case in point.

Out on February 9th, it's a fantastic mix of Karin Park's sheer pop presence and some exquisite, neo-disco production.

The full package contains remixes from Barber, Maya Jane Coles and Booka Shade, each teasing 'Hurricane' into a different direction.

Clash is able to premiere Booka Shade's re-work and it's something special. The German beat behemoths lend a fantastic sense of expansive house production to the mix, rapidly extending 'Hurricane' out into uncharted realms.

Superbly atmospheric, you can dive in below:

Clash also took the time to ask Karin Park a few questions...

What’s the story behind the collaboration with Pandora Drive?
Maya Jane Coles’ manager Steven Braines brought Thomas Knights along to my gig in London a few years ago. Thom is one half of Pandora Drive but also a very talented photographer and director.  By the end of the gig he had already planned a music video for my song ‘Wildchild.’  He convinced me to come to his family’s summerhouse in Cornwall and we recorded a music video there in the complete open sea. We nearly froze to death that day and Thom’s dad had to undress me cause my arms were so cold I couldn’t move. After that we were ready to move in together. Me and Thom that is, not his dad.  Nick, the other half of Pandora Drive was always around to make music with Thom and one night I could hear them through the wall struggling with a song. I could totally hear the melody for it so I opened the door and sang it to them.  Thom recorded it and that was the start of our collaboration.   

The track’s vocals are really poignant – what was the inspiration behind it; what is ‘the hurricane’?
This is our inner hurricane. The one that takes us on life’s crazy rides and makes us do things that we find hard to talk about in real life. And somehow we process it by writing something beautiful about it together.   

This track is taken from your forthcoming album ‘Apocalypse Pop’. What can we expect from this LP?
There are some seriously catchy tunes on there but the songs are as always very personal. I’ve pretty much put my life’s difficulties into words and rhythms and the result is sometimes uplifting and sometimes hard hitting. I’m very proud of it and I had a lot of fun making it. I think it’s actually worth checking out and that feels good.     

We’re premiering the Booka Shade remix here – how did this remix come about? What do you think the guys have added to the original?
Booka Shade are my DJ heroes and I’ve admired them for so long. They have all the right sounds and vibes for me and I really think they’ve taken this track on a journey. The highs and lows are pretty radical here in contrast to our original that is more straight on and one vibe through the whole song.  I love the remix and I’ve also done a new original with them that will be out in March, It’s WICKED!   

Are there any future collaborations with Pandora Drive planned for the future?
I’m writing music with them for their album, even though I’m not necessarily singing myself. But I love sitting around with them just coming up with ideas. We are very creative together and have been outside Pandora Drive too.  Plus they’ve got so many crazy stories that I can put into beautiful words. 

- - -

'Hurricane' is due to be released on March 6th.

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