Premiere: Bondax ft Andreya Triana – ‘Real Thing’ (Fono Remix)

It's a fiery, up-beat re-working...

Manchester production duo Bondax have always been drawn to soul.

Maybe it's their knowledge of prime house and UKG, but there's something about a soulful vocal that resonates with their vocal.

Linking with Andreya Triana recently, the always majestic vocalist gently nudged their music in a fresh direction, displaying slightly different colours and hues.

Part of the sessions around debut album 'Revolve', the producers sought out inspiration from hip-hop, jazz, Latin and African rhythms, neo-soul and disco.

New single 'Real Thing' is a potent opening statement. Lush production with an up-beat feel, Andreya's mighty vocal pushes them to the next level.

Preparing two very different remixes of the single, Bondax recently handed Clash an exclusive re-working from Fono.

Revving up the tempo a little, there are shades of garage in those snapping snares, the up-front rhythm locating a different tone in Andreya's voice.

A fiery summer smash, you can check it out below and then check out a short Q&A with Bondax after the jump.

How did ‘Real Thing’ come about?

We finished this track last year, it evolved through many different versions to become what it sounds like today! It started as a more electronic modern disco thing and developed into more of a throwback soul track and an ode to late 70s philly disco. Andreya Triana just came in and downright smashed the vocal. Was an absolute pleasure to work with her, we’ve been fans since we were 15/16!

How representative is this track of the album as a whole?

We think it hopefully demonstrates a development from our previous work, incorporating more live elements and new production techniques we’ve learned that spread across the record. The album is quite eclectic so we hope people will be happily surprised when they hear the rest!

When making the album did you want a lot of breadth, or to find some form of focus? Do you think you can achieve both?

That’s an interesting question, we definitely tried to harness both whilst making this record. There was a month last year where we moved all our equipment up to an AirBNB in Silverdale (near our childhood homes) and that was a very focused time. We finished the writing and production for the record that month, however we took around three/four months recording the finishes touches and mixing the record. So I guess it is possible to achieve both!

It's taken around two years to make the album, has the project evolved alongside the album process?

We like to think our horizons have expanded with this record. It’s definitely something new for us and we’ve learned a lot about making new styles of music, recording/production techniques etc. Hopefully, we can take what we’ve learned making this record and continue to progress our sound and keep learning how to make better music.

What does the rest of 2018 hold for you?

Obviously, the record coming out is the biggest thing for us this year. It’s our debut studio album and as you’ve mentioned, it’s taken a long time! We plan to tour as much as we can to promote the record whilst writing more new music as much as we can.

– – –

For tickets to the latest Bondax shows click HERE.

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