Spanish producer hits back and hits hard...
'Reactivate' EP

Blastto has been a leading figure in Spanish electronic music for almost two decades now.

A producer who continually challenges himself, Blastto recently went full circle, re-discovering his passion for the rave soundtrack which first fired his imagination.

'Reactivate' is the result. Forthcoming on the Heka Trax imprint, the EP blazes with incandescent energy, a sulphuric heat which shrouds an addictive percussive chassis.

Out on June 29th, Clash is able to trail the release with new cut 'Ready To Go'. A ferocious return, the squared off edges and crushed spine rhythmic twist recall grime's initial explosion, but - as ever - Blasto adds something uniquely new.

Difficult to pin down, 'Ready To Go' finds the producer hitting back and hitting hard.

Tune in below.

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