Premiere: Barnaby Carter – ‘This Is Ours’

From new album 'While It Still Blooms'...

Barnaby Carter came to electronic music the long way round.

The producer was brought up in a small town outside Bristol, initially enraptured by post-rock – think Mogwai, Tortoise – before becoming fascinated by Warp giants such as Boards Of Canada and Aphex Twin.

Creating highly unique soundscapes with whatever equipment he could find, Barnaby Carter set about nailing down his own, totally distinct, universe.

New album 'While It Still Blooms' is forthcoming on Project Mooncircle, and it deals with Big Topics – life, death, happiness, and art itself.

Barnaby explains: “It is a fundamental part of life that in order for something new to emerge, something old has to pass and give up its space and resources. This circulation between life and death is the source of everything beautiful. It is omnipresent in the whole of nature and all cycles of reproduction we know. Life is finite yet cyclical. It’s beautiful. I am inspired by nature, and of the growth within it, albeit temporary. But for me, as I said before, the finiteness of life is part of its beauty. So enjoy the moment.”

New cut 'This Is Ours' feels like a warm embrace, the sound gently enveloping you as it passes. Tune in below and buy now.

'While It Still Blooms' will be released on October 28th.

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