Australian alt-pop talent cuts loose with the past...

Born in Australia but now associated with Los Angeles, Banoffee has travelled thousands of miles with her music.

Focussing intensely on new ideas, she hooked up with the 10K Islands studio crew to work on her new single - the first piece of new music from the artist in two years.

She explains: “Banoffee started as a lifeboat, something to hop onto when the real world seemed too dangerous. As the project grew I realised I was no longer stepping onto a lifeboat. I had become the boat and the water. Every aspect of the world I created became an organ that served my machine. This release is the exploration of my new vehicle.”

New cut 'Ripe' is vivid, flouro-soaked alt-pop, adapting the influence of PC Music into something rather more humane, rather more personal. Banoffee continues:

“I created a world and it ate me. Sort of. Or I ate it. Working in new places forced me to try new techniques and approaches to writing - 'Ripe' came out of that. I wanted to make something that made my tongue itch like when I smell salt and vinegar chips, like grazed knees or sucking lemons. I’m testing my new machine and 'Ripe' is my first reaction.”

Tune in now.

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