Premiere: Alex Smoke – ‘Manacles’

From new R&S opus 'Love Over Will'

Alex Smoke is one of techno's more curious figures.

The Glasgow-based producer has veered from dancefloor fare to cinematic ventures, applying a uniquely exacting sense of sound to everything he accomplishes.

Working with legendary electronic stable R&S Records, new album 'Love Over Will' is one of the finest documents in Smoke's extensive catalogue.

"The human voice is the ultimate transducer of emotion," he explains. "I feel it, I sing it, the listener hears it, the listener feels it. Even the slightest vocal can carry a heavy emotional current. Adding words is creating another layer of meaning again, sometimes altering, sometimes reinforcing the intrinsic feeling of the music."

Out on January 22nd, Clash writer Sofia Leadbetter marvelled at the producer's many idiosyncrasies, his wonderfully individual approach in this review.

Clash is able to premiere new cut 'Manacles' and it's a wonderfully surreal, obtuse yet melodically engaging, piece of electronic production. Tune in now.

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