From their atmospheric new soundtrack project...
'Pioneer' still

The discovery of oil in the North Sea led to profound economic and social changes.

Yet these epochal events were initially carved open by just a handful of people, including a series of brave divers who explored dangerous subterranean areas.

New film 'Pioneer' traces these voyages. Directed by Erik Skjoldbjærg, the film focusses on the driven Norwegian diver Petter who - alongside his brother and an American diver - is obsessed with reaching greater and greater depths.

A sudden, tragic accident changes everything, with Petter left to fight for the truth - and his own survival. French duo Air supplied the soundtrack, which is an atmospheric departure from their synth pop sound.

Lauded for their work on 2000's 'The Virgin Suicides', the pair's return to celluloid is a triumph. Adding a real sense of atmosphere to each scene, Clash is able to premiere a new clip taken from the film.

Benefitting from plenty of murky electronics done as only Air know how, you can check the clip out below:

'Pioneer' is set to be released on April 11th.


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