Produced by Kindness...
'Not Good Enough'

Adrian Underhill is currently gearing up to release his debut album, a moment effused in expectation.

New cut 'Not Good Enough' leads the way - and you can ignore the title... this is definitely good enough.

Left-field R&B with an electronic flair, the lucid yet exploratory songwriting is imbued with a rich sense of lyricism.

Kindness steps in on production, while the vulnerable vocal explores the gap between isolation and togetherness.

Clash is able to premiere the colourful, surreal visuals, with Adrian adding an introduction...

Through this video we wanted to explore the relationship between isolation and togetherness. The repetitive mechanical movements serve as a meditation on the simultaneous individuality and connectedness between people. As we navigate the steps of this dance we each exist in our own bubble - infinite distances between even the closest of friends (I’m paraphrasing Rilke). This tension between distance and connection is played out over and over, and only through exposing their vulnerabilities do the dancers begin to see each other clearly.

Tune in now.

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