Soft, supple, Italo inspired electronics...

Brighton is a small city.

Teetering on the South Coast, Brighton is a place where - seemingly - everyone knows everyone. So it's little wonder, then, that the vibrant batch of musicians in the city tend to form groups, collectives.

Part of Anti-Ghost Moon Ray, Acquaintance is an example of artist who seems to thrive in group circumstances but relishes the opportunity to work alone. Hazy electronic productions, reference points include 90s R&B, that golden Balearic era and the sharp tones of Italo Disco.

Following the release of his 'Parapsychology' EP, the producer is now ready to unveil a full length album. Due for release on March 10th, 'Satellite Stream' brings together the various threads of the Brighton artist's work into one neat document.

Ahead of this, Clash is pleased to be able to premiere new cut 'Making Eye Contact'. Sure, there's a blissful feel to the production but the undercurrents are taut, unsettling - Acquaintance is able to match beautiful sound with some often darker elements.

Check out 'Making Eye Contact' below.

'Satellite Stream' will be released on March 10th through Anti-Ghost Moon Ray.


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