Pozi Tackle Austerity Era Entropy With ‘Falling’

It looks at the failings in our society...

Pozi have shared new song ‘Falling’.

The band’s incoming album ‘Smiling Pools’ represents a distinct break from their earlier work, a conscious attempt to grapple with new ideas. Out on May 19th, it retains the politicised songwriting of their prior releases, while taking it somewhere different.

‘Falling’ is, on the surface, a kind of off piste pop song, its dashing guitar-led construction recalling Django Django or Metronomy. The lyrics, however, carefully dissect the austerity era, and wonder where 12 years of a failing Conservative government have really led us.

A hugely intriguing approach, it’s reminiscent of cult indie pop group McCarthy in its fusion of coy songwriting and political intent. Pozi co-founder Tom Jones explains…

People with nowhere to turn are surrounded by empty homes and forcefully held down where they are. Whatever your politics, investing in and supporting people makes both humanistic and economic sense.

This song expresses bewilderment that such a blatant disregard for humanity can exist in a society with all the resources we have. While the sentiment is doomed, there’s a slim glimmer of hope that this can’t last forever.

Tune in now.

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