POZI Channel Lockdown Confusion With ‘Sea Song’

Their new EP 'Typing' is incoming...

POZI return with new release 'Sea Song'.

The group's inquisitive nature leads them to some refreshing places, matching post-punk methodologies to some genuinely groundbreaking elements.

New EP 'Typing' arrives on October 29th via PRAH Recordings, a release that will be augmented by some nationwide shows.

'Sea Song' is the first track to emerge from the project, and it taps into the more meditative side of POZI's work.

Emerging from the confusion of lockdown, 'Sea Song' taps into the emotional undercurrents that came with isolation. Riveting work, it seems to echo the psychic trauma we all felt during the past 18 months.

POZI explain…

“The more meditative structure of the song and repetitive but slowly evolving nature of the lyrics reflects the patterns we see in nature, life cycles, human relationships and, also importantly, in pandemics.”

“The song's subject matter, the sea, can be menacing, dark and unknown but can also bring about a huge feeling of freedom and abandon, which is comparable to the immense chasm of this recent global experience”.

Tune in now.

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