Post-Hardcore Legends Thursday Share First Song In Eight Years

It's a real moment...

Post-hardcore legends Thursday have shared new single ‘Application For Release From The Dream’.

The seminal band have influenced wave after wave of post-hardcore, with Thursday’s catalogue continuing to inspire. A colossal live act, the group reformed in 2016, and played an intimate show in Albany, New York last night.

During the show Thursday sprang a surprise on fans – a brand new single, and their first piece of new music since 2011.

Out now, ‘Application For Release From The Dream’ more than holds its own against their catalogue. Taking aspects of their feral live show, there’s a sense of intent here, of making each note count – away of the pressure their past exerts, Thursday choose to face it down.

Self-released and staunchly independent, ‘Application For Release From The Dream’ might just open a new chapter for this singular band.

Tune in now.

 Photo Credit: Jessica Yurko

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