Poppy Ajudha’s ‘NO!’ Is A Howl Of Empowerment

Co-produced with Jungle...

Poppy Ajudha’s back and she’s got something to say – NO! Following on from her April debut, ‘THE POWER IN US’, Poppy is here to once again rally the troops. In a flurry of fuzzy, funk-infused rage, ‘NO!’ is a howl of empowerment; pairing up her soulful vocals with a riot grrrl attitude, Poppy is here to fight for female autonomy.

‘NO!’s funk-punk flow, is rich and irresistibly catchy. A patchwork of genres, Poppy flickers between soulful harmonies and balls-to-the-wall screeching, seamlessly switching between the pair. The track thrums and soars, a whirl of sharp instrumentals tailor-made to get your blood pumping.

The track serves as the first taste of Poppy’s sound since the magnificent April release ‘THE POWER IN US’, and it undeniably builds on Poppy’s sound. Yet again harnessing that rebellious, genre-fluid attitude and hunger for empowerment, ‘NO!’ only adds fuel to the fire – Poppy’s not finished yet, and her fury has grown.

Produced with the help of Jungle, ‘NO!’ aims to encourage people to stand up for themselves, for their personal views and for their autonomy. “The track is about owning who you are, being unapologetically yourself, and saying NO! to other people’s expectations of you,” Poppy explains.

“In a world where anyone can reach you at any time, and say whatever they want through a computer screen, ‘NO!’ Is a rebellion against, the criticism and internet trolling, a social commentary on a world of chaotic political narratives, dishonest public figures and the ongoing flow of conflicting public opinions.”

Tune in now…

Words: Emily Swingle

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