Pop Rebel Sirusho Shares Divine Single ‘Let It Out’

It's a huge summer single...

Armenian pop rebel Sirusho plays by her own rules.

A talent who needs to speak her truth, Sirusho refuses to hem in her abilities, preferring instead to let the music flow.

New single 'Let It Out' is simply enormous, a colossal summer anthem that dips into her heritage while utilising the best modern production available.

Crafted alongside RedOne, the two literally locked themselves away in the studio to find focus on on the song.

Out now, the results are plain to see – 'Let It Out' explodes from the traps, with the bouncing, elastic rhythms underpinning a stunning vocal performance.

She comments…

“We spent an entire day locked in the studio with Red trying to come up with a song that would make us wanna dance and eventually become a summer song for everyone to listen to on the beach. By the time we were done recording we were all excited and dancing in the room.”

“Then we shot the video on a beach in Dubai and played the song there, it unexpectedly turned into a big party, everyone joined and we included that mood in the final cut of the video. So this has been the ultimate party song since day one…”

The video airs through Clash, a 'luxe treatment that simply screams 'freedom' with its buzzing beach locality.

Tune in now.

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