Australian collective return...

One of the most isolated cities in the developed world, Perth has developed an astonishingly intense DIY community.

Tame Impala are perhaps its best known adherents, but POND - an ever evolving, city wide collective - are perhaps the most outlandish, out there, lysergic experience of the lot.

New album 'Man It Feels Like Space Again' drops on January 26th, with new track 'Elvis' Flaming Star' appearing online now.

Check it out below.

Discussing the new album, POND's Nick Allbrook noted: "It had already been worked out... but in the spirit of impulsiveness and lunacy it got shattered and scattered and pissed on and blow-dried in a small studio in Collingwood, Melbourne."

'Man It Feels Like Space Again' will be released on January 26th. Tracklisting:

Waiting Around For Grace

Elvis' Flaming Star

Holding Out For You


Heroic Shart

Sitting Up On Our Crane

Outside Is The Right Side
Medicine Hat

Man It Feels Like Space Again

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