It channels something of Bowie's artistry...

Plastic Sun grew up on the music of David Bowie.

The three-piece shared formative experiences to the soundtrack of the Thin White Duke, and his passing obviously impacted on them tremendously.

Yet it also inspired them. Amid fan grief they found a point to gather round, a way to lever open their own music, and inject something fresh.

Debut single 'Violent Blue Life' is the point it all comes together, this gorgeous slice of pop-leaning indie that utilises the cut-up lyrical technique so beloved of Bowie himself.

Out now, it's a beautifully realised, multi-dimensional offering, one driven both by individual voices and collective experiences.

Joshua Woo - vocals, bass, guitar, keys & saxophone - comments...

This was the first song we wrote together where we were really like: “Yes, this is it, this is our sound.”

We started writing and recording 'Violent Blue Life' in 2016. David Bowie had recently passed away, which definitely had an impact on us, and the overall groove of the song.

The lyrics were born from the cut-up technique. I would free-write a line before placing the words in a randomiser. I didn't use this technique in its purest form. If something cool came up, I would edit it so it had some meaning. The lyrics ended up representing my struggle with anxiety and depression.

The lines are intentionally panicked, disjointed, and paranoid, because this is what goes on in my head during a bad spell.

Tune in now.

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