Planet Mu Prepare ‘Bangs & Works Vol.2’

Second instalment out now

The second instalment of Planet Mu’s ‘Bangs & Works’ compilation series is out now.

Over the past 18 months, the attention of the electronic music world has increasingly become focussed on Chicago. The city’s clubs have birthed a stripped down new sound, with footwork emerging as the edgy little brother to the Juke scene.

A mixture of distorted samples, flickering tempos and sparse soundscapes Footwork has a distinctive, Futuristic edge that seems alien at first. Planet Mu stepped in to provide a helpful introduction to the scene, with ‘Bangs & Works Vol. 1’ earning massive acclaim.

Since then, big name producers such as Ramadanman and Addison Groove have noted the influence of Footwork, while the label was also able to bring a crew of DJs and dancers from Chicago to the UK.

Now Planet Mu have delivered a second instalment of ‘Bangs & Works’. While the first edition was a quite specific introduction to the major themes dominating the scene, the second is slightly more disparate.

Showing off some of the more left field, experimental elements of the Footwork scene, ‘Bangs & Works Vol. 2’ also manages to round up some of the producers the Planet Mu team were desperate to include in the first edition, but failed to make contact with.

Speaking to Nouse after the release of the first instalment, Planet Mu boss Mike Paradinas revealed how the label were able to showcase an almost totally alien, underground scene. “For me, I thought the most honest thing to do would be to chart the musical route that I had found myself on, in the last two years of discovering this music. So I chose the tracks which had most affected me personally and emotionally.”

“It was often very hard to find who the track was written by, just from a Youtube clip or an mp3 or whatever but I got there eventually. There were still quite a few tracks which I haven’t identified – and some which I just could get a reply from the producer”.

Attempting to showcase a scene on the other side of the Atlantic is a tricky business, but with ‘Bangs & Works 2’ Planet Mu seem able to give an accurate depiction of the flavours and atmosphere which make up the Footwork style.

‘Bangs & Works Vol. 2’ is out now.

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