Listen to 'Shaker Aamer' now...
PJ Harvey

PJ Harvey has written a new song aimed to raise awareness of the plight of Guantanamo Bay detainee Shaker Aamer.

Despite assurances from George W Bush and Barack Obama, the prison at Guantanamo Bay still exists. Designed to detain those accused of international terrorism offences, it remains one of the most controversial locations on the planet.

Witheld without trial for 11 years, the last remaining British citizen in the prison is Shaker Aamer. Recently forced to endure force feeding, the British government stepped in to request that Aamer be returned to the UK.

Over the weekend PJ Harvey placed a new song online directly inspired by the prisoner's plight. 'Shaker Aamer' makes reference to his case, with Harvey writing in the first person to produce something genuinely shocking.

Listen to it below.

The track premiered on The Guardian, who also spoke to Clive Stafford Smith - who acts as Shaker Aamer's lawyer. "We hope people listen to this song and think about Shaker Aamer's plight: detained for 11 years, without charge or trial – despite having been cleared for release by both Bush and Obama" he said.

"The UK government must do everything it can to bring Shaker back home to his wife and kids in London, where he belongs. PJ Harvey has written a wonderful song – I know Shaker will be deeply moved by it, and I only hope that, with the support of the public, he will one day be able to listen to it in freedom."

Read the full Guardian feature HERE.


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