Seamus Murphy crafts visual accompaniment

PJ Harvey has unveiled the latest video from Seamus Murphy inspired by her album 'Let England Shake'.

It's a public holiday so we'll keep this down to the bare essentials...

PJ Harvey returned earlier this year with her new album 'Let England Shake'. Not only is it a concept album centred on the collision between warfare and British national identity, but the record stands as one of the finest of the singer's career.

Which, given her solid output for over a decade, is really saying something.

Film maker Seamus Murphy has been entrusted with providing a visual accompaniment, which has become a terrific stop off point for fans not yet acquainted with the album. The latest video is 'In Dark Places'...

- - -

And here are the rest...

1. 'Let England Shake'

2.'The Last Living Rose'

3.The Glorious Land'

4.'The Words That Maketh Murder'

5. 'All & Everyone'
Unveiled next week

6.'On Battleship Hill'


8. 'In The Dark Places'
(see above)

9.Bitter Branches

10.'Hanging In The Wire'

11. 'Written On The Forehead'

12. The Colour Of The Earth'

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