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PJ Harvey is set to give Seamus Murphy's visual accompaniment to 'Let England Shake' a full DVD release.

A meticulously researched analysis of the link between warfare, Imperialism and the national character PJ Harvey's 'Let England Shake' was a tremendous artistic success.

Waltzing away with the Mercury Music Prize, the album has sparked debate throughout 2011. PJ Harvey decided to extend the themes beneath her songwriting, commissioning Seamus Murphy to make films for each of the album's 12 tracks.

An award winning war photographer, Seamus Murphy matched footage of England with scenes from Iraq and Afghanistan. The results added a new dimension to the music, while Murphy's work is also capable of standing as something quite distinct from 'Let England Shake'.

Now PJ Harvey is set to collect the films together for a full DVD release. Concluding an important year in the singer's career, the DVD version of 'Let England Shake' will be released on December 12th.

Containing the 12 films screened earlier this year, Seamus Murphy has also decided to include a video of PJ Harvey performing 'England' solo.

Watch the Seamus Murphy directed video for 'Bitter Branches' below before checking the tracklisting after the jump...

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1:Let England Shake
2:The Last Living Rose
3:The Glorious Land
4:The Words That Maketh Murder
5:All And Everyone
6:On Battleship Hill
8:In The Dark Places
9:Bitter Branches
10:Hanging In The Wire
11:Written On The Forehead
12:The Colour Of The Earth
13:England (Solo Version)

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