PJ Harvey Film Screenings

After collaboration with Seamus Murphy

PJ Harvey and Seamus Murphy are set to screen a series of short films at festivals across the UK.

PJ Harvey has a wonderful way with words. The songwriter returned earlier this year with her new album ‘Let England Shake’ a superb dissection of warfare and its effect on the English national character.

Containing some often striking, unsettling images ‘Let England Shake’ inspired film maker Seamus Murphy. Taking off around England, the director filmed twelve short films to match each track on the new album.

In total, Murphy travelled more than 5000 miles using a combination of still and moving imagery. Crafted in the manner of true reportage, the films are a spontaneous account of England and the people therein.

Released one by one to the web, the series of films are due to be shown across the country this summer. At this year’s Latitude the films will be shown as a visual accompaniment to the album itself.

Meanwhile, screenings are also set to take place at the Big Chill, Glastonbury, Reading & Leeds and more.

In a new move, PJ Harvey and Seamus Murphy have agreed to travel to Kosovo where they will talk about the project. The war scarred region is perhaps an appropriate place to dwell on the album’s themes, with the screening taking place as part of the prestigious Prizren Dokufest Film Festival.

Alongside a full screening, PJ Harvey and Seamus Murphy will be on hand to answer questions about the album, their work and the subsequent collaboration.

Each of the Harvey / Murphy videos are available to stream on YouTube…

1. ‘Let England Shake’

2.’The Last Living Rose’

3.The Glorious Land’

4.’The Words That Maketh Murder’

5. ‘All & Everyone’

6.’On Battleship Hill’


8. ‘In The Dark Places’

9.Bitter Branches

10.’Hanging In The Wire’

11. ‘Written On The Forehead’

12. The Colour Of The Earth’

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