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Legendary American alt rock pioneers Pixies have released new downloads from their ongoing 'Doolittle' anniversary tour.

'Doolittle' is one of the most influential albums of all time - fact. Nirvana may be America's defining punk rock group but as Kurt Cobain freely admitted that Seattle trio would be nothing without Pixies.

Inventing the quiet-loud formula on their justifiably lauded debut album 'Surfer Rosa' the band then hooked up with producer Steve Albini again to craft what is arguably their masterpiece.

Released twenty years ago 'Doolittle' still sounds fresh. Containing solid gold alt rock classics such as 'Debaser' it is one of Pixies most confident and creative statements. Ahead of them would lie arena tours, The Breeders and a decade long hiatus.

Returning with a series of anniversary tour dates this year, Pixies have really gone to town celebrating their famous album. The band are due to released each show as a download, with limited edition CDs and USB drives also set to be made available.

Having performed 'I Bleed' on 'The Tonight Show' in the United States Pixies have breached the mainstream in a way they could never have managed 20 years ago, demonstrating the enduring appeal of 'Doolittle'.

Now the band are set to make available four free downloads. Recorded at their recent show in Paris, Pixies have offered the tracks for free. Containing some of the highlights of 'Doolittle' in all their live glory, you can grab the songs for free below:


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