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Pieces Of Juno's compositions have an innately visual quality.

New album 'Metanoia' is out now and it's a fine accomplishment, with its intricate detailing and finely nuanced songwriting matched to lyrics that pack an emotional punch.

A record that takes some time to truly understand and embrace, 'Metanoia' was twinned with its own colour - a luxurious dark green (Illuminating emerald #319177).

Out now, 'Metanoia' is still giving up its secrets, with startling album cut 'Bluebell' now gaining a kaleidoscopic video. Directed by Ingeborg Løvlie, it's a fragmentary, highly sensual experience that resolves itself into the depiction of a female biker gang.

Ingeborg Løvlie explains more...

"The video for Bluebell is a visualisation of the independent universe Juno has created in this song and sound. In post-production Anna Leijonhielm has created an abstract feeling of both the story in the lyrics, and the symbolic female biker gang participating. Both Juno and I were obsessed with the ideas of motorbikes in the video."

"One day in pre-production I ran into a very cool bike I had seen before on a motorbike-date and I knew it belonged to a woman. I left my phone number on the bike and asked the owner to call me - and she did! Turns out she is a member of this super cool female biker gang called Mensen MC; they rallied to the cause and showed up on set for the video. The bass clarinet in the song reminded me of the dark purr of an engine, and it all came together perfectly."

Juno adds...

"Ingeborg stumbled upon this amazing gang of bikers last summer - all women - and we just had to include them in a video. The video explores sisterhood, heart ache and independence. Long time collaborator and VJ Anna Leijonhielm added her wizardry with abstract and dreamy editing." 

"The video was shot around my house in Oslo, a surreal area where industry and nature is intertwined and when these 20 bikers pulled up in my driveway on their Harleys, the scene was pretty much perfect!"

Tune in now.

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