Pictish Trail Announces New ‘Follow Footsteps’ EP

It's out in September...

Pictish Trail will release new ‘Follow Footsteps’ EP on September 13th.

The Scottish songwriter is set to play Green Man Festival this summer, and remarkably it is his 22nd visit to the Welsh event. A cause for celebration, then – cue a new EP, in other words.

Following the all-band tour for his ‘Island Family’ record Pictish Trail began trying out new songs, and opted for something different.

He explains…

By the end of that album campaign though, I decided to strip everything back, and do some shows on my own. I headed out on the road with my acoustic guitar, and sampler. It was fun reconnecting with older songs, from when I first started out – and figuring out how to play the songs from the last album in a similar style.

Constructed alongside Susan Bear – of Tuff Love – incoming EP ‘Follow Footsteps’ is a meeting of minds; “Suse introduced me to the music of Mitski, and I introduced her to Bonnie Prince Billy’s ‘Master And Everyone’. We hatched a plan.”

More acoustic in tone, his new ‘Follow Footsteps’ EP is out on September 13th. Pictish Trail says…

It has been revitalising to try this approach, working with different players – and I’m so happy with the recordings. It definitely feels like it has scratched an itch. There was a point where I was wondering whether I should have made a full album in this style – but it felt more natural to keep these songs together, as they had been written at the same time, and I didn’t want to get bogged down working on older songs for too long, while I’m in the process of writing new ones. Plus, everyone likes an EP, right?

Check out ‘Melody Something (Summer Redux)’ below.

1. Island Family (Summer Redux)
2. Follow Footsteps
3. Melody Something (Summer Redux)
1. Flowers Rising Into The Black
2. Nuclear Sunflower Swamp (Summer Redux)

Photo Credit: Nancy Jesse

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