Recorded at Metropolis Studios, London...

Piano Wire billed themselves as 'debauched psychedelic rock 'n' roll'.

That's a description that's not too far from the mark: imagine Hawkwind re-born in 2k17, imbibing various chemicals and stripping rock down to its most important elements and you'd be close.

The band have a stellar live show, and kindly agreed to stop past Metropolis Studios in West London as part of the regular Metropolis Live x Clash nights there.

What followed was truly remarkable. A group who kick the jams right out of the park, Piano Wire conjured demons few had witnessed before in an immaculate setting.

Entry was strictly limited, but a camera crew sneaked in and we're able to share some powerful live clips.

'Cherry Coma' emerges bruised, battered, but triumphant, with the video giving just a taste of their potent live energy.

The album is available to purchase now and it certainly is exhilarating, rib-cracking, brutal fare physical / digital.

Tune in now.

Video: Steve Gullick

Photography: Jim Eyre

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