Phono 48’s Soulful ‘So Pure’ Is An Invigorating Project

It's part of a broader multimedia endeavour...

Phono 48 is a new project that exists at the cross-section between old and new, art and design, songwriting and expression.

The group was formed with the ambition of creating a song in just 48 hours, utilising the talents of London neo-soul vocalist Laville, bassist Solomon, and keyboardist Amané Suganami.

The musicians were joined by acclaimed songwriter Nick Corbin, and they assembled at Durham Studios, the analogue haven run by Kitty, Daisy & Lewis.

With Kitty and Lewis on board, the six-piece began writing a song from the ground up, merging each of their skills in the process.

The results are contained on the aptly named 'So Pure', and the release is part of the broader New Perspectives multimedia project, propelled by photographer Dean Chalkey.

Set to launch with a photo exhibition at the Museum Of Youth Culture, the release is matched to a short film documenting the song's creation, and a one-off journal penned by music writer Andy Thomas.

It's all hugely exciting, and an unusual opportunity to watch a creation come into being – from those first innovations, to the initial sketches, to the final master.

Of course, it helps that the song itself is golden – 'So Pure' is a funky piece of dancefloor soul with a defiantly British appeal, recalling the halcyon Acid Jazz days while also pointing to the future.

The neat arrangement and analogue production give a vintage, classic feel, but the personality of Laville's vocal really brings out the vivid nature of the songwriting.

Set to gain a full release on Big A.C. Records, the broader New Perspectives project is being completed in association with clothing brand Sunspel.

We've got first play of the video for 'So Pure' and it takes you right into the studio alongside those musicians – tune in now.

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