Phoebe Green Shares ‘Ask Me Now’ EP In Full

Plus, catch her in London shortly...

Alt-pop songwriter Phoebe Green has shared her new ‘Ask Me Now’ EP in full.

The artist is now working totally on her own, able to push her music wherever she pleases. A flurry of singles have underlined this eclecticism, with Phoebe Green shared the 80s-leaning ‘I Think I’m Getting Boring’, the moody ‘Embarrass Me’, and the soulful ‘I Could Love You’.

Out now in full, her EP ‘Ask Me Now’ shows a talent in evolution, her playfully experimental touch aligned to lyrical openness. Take focus track ‘Relevant’ – a knowing take on the music industry, it finds Phoebe Green asserting her own role.

Phoebe comments…

it is a sort of half amused, half frustrated commentary on the creative industry as a whole; I have reached a point mentally where I know myself and I accept myself (as best as I can) and I’m aware that I don’t necessarily fit a specific role that might be wanted or expected of me. I don’t want to fetishise myself for easy consumption, I don’t want to be anything I don’t feel that I am in order to be “relevant”. It’s so refreshing to finally prioritise my own sanity and sense of self over how I can make everybody love me.

Tune in now.

Catch Phoebe Green at the Grace in London on June 6th.

Photo Credit: Sara Carpentieri

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