Bassist used to fake signatures

Former Joy Division bass player Ian Curtis has revealed that he used to sell forged copies of Ian Curtis' autograph.

Almost thirty years after his untimely death, Ian Curtis remains a cult figure among music fans. A recent film about his life 'Control' was awarded with critical praise, showcasing the demons of the iconic singer.

However one time band member Peter Hook has a less virtuous view of the singer, recently admitting that he has frequently faked Ian Curtis' autograph.

For years the bass player would sign memorabilia and sell it on, recently finding a faked autograph in a Manchester record shop. "I did have a reputation for doing Ian Curtis' autograph for a long time" he admitted to Contact Music.

"There's some guy who had (debut Joy Division EP) 'An Ideal For Living' and it was signed by all four members of the band and dated. I went in and said, 'Have you not noticed that the date is after Ian died?'. It was me, I did them as a joke!" he explained.

Peter Hook admits that talking about the scam has harmed his reputation with collectors, who now dis-trust anything with his name on it. "It was up there for £200, so my name is now mud among collectors" he added.

Peter Hook recently released his new book 'The Hacienda: How Not To Run A Club'. A recollection of perhaps the most iconic British club of the Acid House era, the new memoir has received rave reviews.

Speaking to NME the bass player recalled the moment that Acid House started to impact upon the club. "It happened between 86 and 87 – it was a normal functioning club, and then you turned up after Ibiza and it was like a boiling mass of humanity all intent on having the best time possible in the shortest time possible. It was like somebody had turned your life up a notch, like your life had gone from ten to twelve and a half."

"At some point everyone has to slow down, you can't keep up that intensity, none of us could, everybody got so fucked up. It didn’t last long. Truth be told, nobody would do it every week, you'd take a month off, you had to."

Peter Hook's new book 'The Hacienda: How Not To Run A Club' is out now.

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