Peter Gabriel Shares New Song ‘So Much’

"It's a simple song..."

Peter Gabriel has shared his new song ‘So Much’.

The English legend unveiled plans for a new album at the start of the year, with ‘i/o’ incoming. Each new release is being tied to the phases of the moon, with Peter Gabriel opting to sharing something unheard in line with July’s Buck Moon.

The first version to be heard of the new single is the Dark-Side Mix, by Tchad Blake. Out now, ‘So Much’ is described as a “simple song” by Peter Gabriel, recorded at Real World Studios in Bath, alongside the Beehive and British Grove in London.

Built by Peter Gabriel, the song boasts a string arrangement from John Metcalfe and contributions from Tony Levin on bass, David Rhodes on guitar and backing vocals from Peter’s daughter Melanie Gabriel.

Peter Gabriel comments…

I was trying purposefully not to be clever with this. I wanted to get a very simple chorus but one which still had some substance to the harmony and melody. Something that was easy to digest but still had a bit of character to it.

‘So Much’ is about mortality, getting old, all the bright, cheerful subjects, but I think when you get to my sort of age, you either run away from mortality or you jump into it and try and live life to the full and that always seems to make a lot more sense to me. The countries that seem most alive are those that have death as part of their culture.

The reason I chose ‘So Much’ as a title is because I’m addicted to new ideas and all sorts of projects. I get excited by things and want to jump around and do different things. I love being in a mess of so much! And yet it also means there’s just so much time, or whatever it is, available. Balancing them both is what the song is about.

The artwork for ‘So Much’ comes from Henry Hudson.

Check out ‘So Much’ below.

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