Check out debut cut 'At The Bottom Of The Hill'...
Pet Deaths

The two members of Pet Deaths only met last year, but their experiences with music go back some way.

Previously working with Hey Sholay and Let's Buy Happiness, Liam Kreamer and Graeme Martin combined to make something a little different.

Plangent, absorbing folk of a quite celestial nature, the acoustic songcraft is matched to an otherworldly delivery.

Debut cut 'At The Bottom Of The Hill' is beautifully composed, the tinkling notes of piano offset by the sighing vocals and gentle guitar lines.

The duo's Liam Kreamer explains: "We have all climbed to the top of the hill just to roll back down again, we wanted to re-create that feeling of repetition in this track..."

Band mate Graeme Martin adds: "This is a snap shot in time for us, a song that defines where we are in this moment and an introduction to a project that we care deeply about, we can take it in any direction we want. We don't intend on writing the same song over and over and will be pushing ourselves to create something new every time we get into the studio."

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Owen Richards

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