'Lady from Shanghai' due in January

Legendary avant punk group Pere Ubu have hooked up with Fire and outlined plans for a new album.

Whereas some groups born by the punk explosion have turned into a pantomime, still others are keeping the flame alive. In this country, you need only look at the example of Wire, while in the United States Pere Ubu refuse to look back.

Now the seminal group have signed a deal with Fire Records, which should result in new material shortly. Pere Ubu are working on a new album, with 'Lady from Shanghai' set to be released in January.

The move matches Fire with a group who preceded the punk movement yet arguably felt more at home amongst the post-punk maelstrom. Working on new material, 'Lady from Shanghai' promises to be another juncture on a career which has continually confounded expectations.

For their part, Fire are delighted at capturing Pere Ubu. Part of the statement confirming the move reads: "The signing of Pere Ubu highlights that Fire are committed to resurrecting the careers of their favourite artists".

Pere Ubu join a roster which already includes fellow American punk iconoclasts Mission of Burma, Guided By Voices and Opossom.

Check out 'Breath' below.


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