Fund by Ron Jeremy...
Pepe Deluxe

Scandinavian group Pepe Deluxe have revealed that Ron Jeremy is set to fund their new EP.

Pepe Deluxe do things their own way. The group's recent album 'Queen of the Wave' was a barrage of garage rock riffs and wonderfully unusual ideas, with the band at one point using the world's largest instrument to supplement their sonic attack.

In town to play London's Scala venue tonight (November 12th) the band recently confirmed plans for a new EP. Unusually, the release will be limited to one copy - given to their benefactor, legendary porn actor / moustache grower Ron Jeremy.

The Scandinavian group recently posted the news on Facebook, and admitted that the deal had arisen out of a funding crisis. Opting to create a new EP, Pepe Deluxe decided to make the material exclusive to one owner "like a painting or a sculpture, it would be a totally unique piece of art."

Ron Jeremy is seemingly a huge fan of the group, and agreed to fund the scheme. "Ron is a big music fan: in addition to holding the world record for “most appearances” in adult films, he holds the same record for music videos too! We had found the absolutely right patron - we asked the man (via Olli) if he liked our idea and he said yes! The only things we had to negotiate were the style and length of Ron’s record: in the end we settled for a funk EP; something that we’ve never done before. The EP master tapes will be destroyed after the vinyl is cut to make sure there will never be any copies."

"There’s already a spoken agreement, the actual deal will be signed 12th November. The original date was yesterday but Sandy and the current storm messed things up a little: Ron’s flight was canceled. Me and Paul will be London (yip, Paul too!!!) but we have a trusted man waiting for Ron. Hopefully we’ll get some good photos on Monday, keep your fingers crossed!"

Pepe Deluxe are set to play the Scala tonight (November 12th). Ticket link.


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