Peel Dream Magazine Announce New LP ‘Rose Main Reading Room’

Gorgeous new song 'Lie In The Gutter' is out now...

Peel Dream Magazine will release new album ‘Rose Main Reading Room’ on September 4th.

The band make a joyous psych-meets-shoegaze noise, with their catalogue fusing the endless rhythmic possibilities of Neu!, say, with the sonic inquisitiveness of Stereolab.

New album ‘Rose Main Reading Room’ is framed by New York, the city’s history, atmosphere, and landmarks. Featuring 15 tracks, it advances the band’s music while remaining tethered to those lysergic landmarks.

New song ‘Lie In The Gutter’ references an Oscar Wilde quote, and its hazy, wide-eyed dreaming is redolent of those vintage New York cinematic moments. Never afraid of their own beauty, Peel Dream Magazine play with these tropes, allowing the sighing vocals to recall Broadcast yet with their own distinctive flavour.

Of the nostalgia video singer Joe Stevens comments…

This video is cut from footage we filmed on a few different tours between the fall of 2023 and Spring of 2024, and I love it because it captures the amazing feeling and energy that those trips had. There’s cameos from bands we were touring with like Chastity Belt and Gift, and friends like Simi Sohota from Healing Potpourri. A lot of it was shot in the Pacific Northwest and features some hikes we got to take among the dense green forests up there.

I wanted to capture that stuff because this theme of “the natural world” has been jostling around my my brain for awhile and is a big part of the album. The song is meant to be a very simple statement about finding joy and wonder in life despite whatever may be on your mind. The phrase it’s taken from is the trite but sweet Oscar Wilde quote ‘We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars’.

Tune in now.


  1. Dawn
  2. Central Park West
  3. Oblast
  4. Wish You Well
  5. Wood Paneling Pt. 3
  6. R.I.P. (Running In Place)
  7. I Wasn’t Made For War
  8. Gems and Minerals
  9. Machine Repeating
  10. Recital
  11. Migratory Patterns
  12. Four Leaf Clover
  13. Lie In The Gutter
  14. Ocean Life
  15. Counting Sheep

Photo Credit: Vice Cooler

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