It's due on March 9th...
'Pearson Sound'

Real name David Kennedy, Pearson Sound has developed a reputation as one of UK electronic music’s most influential voices.

Well, the producer has now unveiled details of his debut album. Available through (where else?) Hessle Audio on March 9th, the producer has handed lead cut ‘Glass Eye’ to 1Xtra host Benji B – listen to it HERE.

A lengthy album, Pearson Sound explains: “I had a signal chain set up that I was really happy with, and I started sending my machines through the same processes.”

Developing loops, the producer was able to conjure some entirely new sounds: “A lot of it was made by feeding the the same sounds between two different pieces of equipment and they’d end up feeding back between each other and snowballing. On some tracks it’s about harnessing that and taking it to the brink before it disintegrates, and some of them are about just letting it go full-blown out of control.”

‘Pearson Sound’ will be released through Hessle Audio on March 9th. Tracklisting:

1. Asphalt Spark.le
2. Glass Eye
3. Gristle
4. Crank Call
5. Swill
6. Six Congas
7. Headless
8. Russet
9. Rubber Tree

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