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JP Moregun

PBDY and Jeremiah Jae have partnered up as JP Moregun.

The pair first began their musical conversation back in the MySpace days, swapping stems and sourcing ideas.

Now, they've decided to go public. JP Moregun features beats from PBDY and raps from Jeremiah Jae, and their new mixtape sparkles with fresh innovation.

Inspired by classic film noir and Tarantino movies, the eleven track tape starts at the end and takes it from there.

Lyrically complex yet wholly immediate, it's well worth your time. Tune in HERE.

1. Honey I'm Home (Intro)
2. Street Signs
3. Million Bucks
4. Never Look Back
5. Back To The Future 4
6. Winner Seat
7. English Channel
8. Holy Matrimony
9. Life & Times
10. Coming Back (feat. Niki Randa)
11. The Last Ride

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