A tribute to Syd Barrett...

Paul Weller is set to release his new single 'When Your Garden’s Overgrown' on May 21st.

Once typecast as the torch-holder of hairy knuckle Brit-rock, Paul Weller's recent output has displayed an increased element of risk. Taking inspiration from electronic music, Krautrock and post-punk the songwriter has pushed his music into new directions.

Yet some elements remain the same. Due to release new single 'When Your Garden’s Overgrown' on May 21st, Paul Weller recently revealed that the song was partially inspired by the life of Syd Barrett.

The iconic songwriter behind The Pink Floyd's wonderful dalliance with full blown psychedelia, Syd Barrett's mental decline led his to retreat from the music industry. Occupying time with his first love of painting, 'When Your Garden’s Overgrown' is seemingly an analysis of what might have been.

“I think this song’s about Syd Barrett” Weller said recently. “It’s like, what would it have been like if he hadn’t got into music? If he’d gone off to the continent and just been an artist on the side-street in France. He probably would’ve been happier".

"There’s some lines in there about the brush strokes of fame and I’m thinking of Syd at the time. He was an artist at heart, not a rock star.”

Featuring Noel Gallagher on bass guitar, 'When Your Garden’s Overgrown' will also be available as a digital EP. The expanded version features new tracks 'We Got A Lot' and 'Lay Down Your Weary Burden' and will be available from May 21st.

Looking ahead, Paul Weller has confirmed a number of North American shows before returning to Europe this summer. Playing at the Jodrell Bank series of concerts, the songwriter has also confirmed a slot at Latitude.

Tickets are on sale now.

Paul Weller is set to release 'When Your Garden’s Overgrown' on May 21st. Tracklisting:

1. When Your Gardens Overgrown
2. We Got A Lot
3. Lay Down Your Weary Burden

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