It's his song after all

Paul Weller has helped design a new range for Liam Gallagher's fashion range Pretty Green.

The Modfather himself, Paul Weller has always been interested in street fashion. Remaining a dapper chap even as the years stroll by, the singer's career has been reinvigorated of late by a series of vital albums.

Alongside this, the singer has taken part in a number of fashion collaborations. Currently taking time off the road, Paul Weller has broken cover to announce a special range for Pretty Green's summer collection.

The label was set up by Liam Gallagher, and of course took its name from a 1980 song by The Jam making Weller the perfect collaborator.

Unveiled on the Pretty Green website, the range takes its cue from Paul Weller's beloved Mod era. However there are definite psychedelic touches in the detailing, with the singer aiming for a late 60s feel.

Amongst the collection on show are some new shirts, tootal style scarves and leather jackets. The new range is acting as a preview, with a much larger collection due to emerge in the Winter.

"I've wanted to design my own range for some time and Pretty Green felt like a good home for my clothes" he said. "My main design reference is somewhere between 1968 and 1970. The clothes themselves sit between being smart and casual with quality materials and tailoring."

Of course, there are those who will insist that Paul Weller only gets the job due to his stature as a songwriting. However a recent Ben Sherman collaboration resulted in a genuinely beautiful candy stripe button down, which - in part due to its limited edition - now goes for a considerable sum on eBay.

Paul Weller's Pretty Green range launches on June 23rd.

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