Paul Molloy Shares Curious Psych-Pop Vignette ‘Luxury Bunker’

A tongue-in-cheek character study...

UK songwriter Paul Molloy returns with new single ‘Luxury Bunker’.

A key part of the Coral’s creative universe, Paul Molloy has also built an enriching solo catalogue. New album ‘The Madmen Of Apocalypso’ – now how’s that for a title, eh? – is out on September 6th, the work of someone walking their own path.

Set to be released via Spring Heeled Records, the record features some acerbic, tongue-in-cheek lyricism. New single ‘Luxury Bunker’ is a case in point – a character study of a paranoid, delusional figure, it also doubles as a kind of surreal kitchen sink drama.

Psych-pop with Morricone overtones, there are some definite Beatles-esque overtones in there. Paul Molloy shakes it up with a neat Kinks-esque music hall breakdown, but there’s also a forward-facing tendency that puts you in mind of peers such as newcomers The Crystal Teardrop, or even Stateside outfit Electric Looking Glass.

Far from a retread, Paul Molloy is able to bend those influences, producing something distinct, and new in the process.

He comments…

The song is about an extremely delusional and paranoid man (probably suffering from PTSD) who is under the illusion that the human race is depending on him and on his survival, solely, to avoid complete extinction.  He therefore acquires himself a hazmat suit and builds a ‘Luxury Bunker’ which he never emerges from again. Even to take out the bins.

It came about when my girlfriend, Fiona, was watching a TV programme about a guy who was renovating old war bunkers in America and turning them into luxury homes in the future event of apocalypse and catastrophe. We thought it was hilarious, so a week later it got brought up again and the title ‘Luxury Bunker’ found its way into the conversation and I thought: “I need to write this.”

We’ve grabbed the surreal video – a fun insight into the character’s inner workings.

Tune in now.

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