Beatle engaged to Nancy Shevell

Former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney is set to marry his long term partner Nancy Shevell.

Sir Paul McCartney's love life is worth a book in itself. Linked to Jane Asher during the swinging 60s, it was the New York photographer Linda Eastman who eventually made a home for the legendary songwriter.

Together, the duo would helm Wings and achieve international success. However Sir Paul McCartney was left heartbroken when Linda passed away in 1998, following a brave battle with cancer.

Later becoming involved with model turned activist Heather Mills, the former Beatle married Mills in 2002. However the relationship was not to be a happy one, and the pair divorced in 2008.

Soon after, press speculation linked the songwriter with Nancy Shevell. A close friend of Paul and Linda McCartney, the self-made millionaire was married for more than two decades to American lawyer and political candidate Bruce Blakeman.

However the pair divorced, and soon after Shevell began to be seen in public with Sir Paul McCartney. The singer praised the American businesswoman, who is is a board member of New York's transportation authority and a vice-president of her family business.

The wedding announcement came from McCartney's publicity team, who did not give any further details. It is not known when the ceremony will take place, although messages of congratulations are coming thick and fast.

One time Beatles drummer Ringo Starr said simply: "Ringo congratulates Paul and Nancy and wishes them every happiness."

Congratulations Paul and Nancy! Presumably our invite is in the post.

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