And suing his band mates

Sir Paul McCartney has spoken to ClashMusic about the demise of The Beatles.

After giving joy to countless millions, The Beatles split in 1970 leaving their fans devastated. The band imploded amidst financial wrangling, with Paul McCartney finally suing his friends and former band mates.

The court case lasted several years and created bad blood between Paul McCartney and the remaining Beatles. Speaking to ClashMusic, the singer reflected on an undoubtedly traumatic episode in his life.

"Personally it was a nightmare. It was really difficult, because I knew I didn’t hate them, ut I knew we had to save The Beatles, and I was the only one who was going to do it - because the three of them were just sending it down the chute."

After manager Brian Epstein died in 1967, The Beatles attempted to look after their finances on their own. However amid spiralling debts, the Fab Four signed up with fast talking New Yorker Allen Klein.

Also the manager of The Rolling Stones, Klein came with great credentials. However the deal was a disaster, with Paul McCartney eventually taking legal action. To his horror, the songwriter discovered that Allen Klein was not covered by the financial agreement signed by The Beatles.

"So I said to my lawyers, ‘I want to sue Allen Klein.’ They said, ‘You can’t.’ I said, ‘Why not?’ They said, ‘He’s not a party to the agreements."

"The only people you can sue are The Beatles.’ So I said, ‘Well, I can’t do that.’ It really took me about four months of swirling around in the mists of Kintyre saying, ‘I can’t do it. I can’t do it. I can’t do it.’ It just drove me crazy."

Eventually, Paul McCartney had his day in the court room and told ClashMusic that he still stands behind his actions. "So we did, and we were very lucky, but we were right, and I think history has proved that we were right."

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