Producer to re-issue single

Dance producer Paul Hardcastle is to re-issue his seminal anti-war track '19' later this year.

Released 25 years ago, Paul Hardcastle's '19' proved that electronic music really did have emotions. Inspired by the average age of a soldier in the Vietnam War, the track was an enormous success.

Mixing spoken word samples about the war together with ferocious production, '19' remains a benchmark for British dance music.

With soldiers dying in Afghanistan, Paul Hardcastle has chosen to re-issue his famed track. Speaking to BBC 6Music the producer revealed that he was compelled to act after a friend's son was killed in the conflict.

"I shouldn't have to be the messenger but I have got a voice to actually do that. I was the one that made that record so I think if someone else had done it, it might have been different" he explained.

"When I get the letters and emails from some of the families, people that have actually been out there, serving there now and they say we're really proud of what you're doing then to me there is no better accolade."

Continuing, Paul Hardcastle revealed that this acclaim means much more to him than commercial or critical success. "I could win the Ivor Novello award again, it still wouldn't mean as much as what they're saying to me."

Paul Hardcastle is set to release '19' later this year.

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